We Want Your Stuff!

We want to sell your stuff here at Merchop.com. In an effort to expand our storefront we are looking for more bands and artists to make use of our fulfillment services. For a limited time we are offering:


Let’s break it down like this:

1. Send a message to info@merchop.com with pertinent info, (name, contact, band name, amount of shirts etc.)

2. We will get right back to you with instructions on sending your stuff.

3. We professionally photograph your merch and create your own storefront.

4. You send your fans and supporters to your storefront to buy your stuff.

5. We ship the orders out to your customers.

6. We pay you for what you sell bi-weekly to your Paypal account.


Not a bad deal eh?

For our service, we will take $3 per shirt sold. So for a $15 shirt, we take $3 and send you $12.

All this with $0 setup charge.


Please do not delay as this will not be the situation forever. We want to work with you so please contact us: